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Heftmaschina 2008

Heeeeeeeeeeeey ladies!

I'm thinking about planning some goodness for 2008. Let's discuss at http://www.myspace.com/heftmaschina (see the most recent blog post) as we've got a few more people online there (whoa - new faces!). Just trying to ascertain where everyone's at.

Muchas gracias!

I have terrible, awful news. I went to get my moped out of Seattle Mopeds and three blocks later it died again. I brought it back and they said it was actually a completely different problem and they were out of the part they need to fix it - I won't be able to get it until Tuesday.

:-( Aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh.
Mark your calendar! Dust off your bike! Let's go!!!

Meetup in the Gasworks parking lot at 11 AM?

Genuis happens in the shower

man, i just had the greatest idea for a girls-only moped club name- get ready, "the pedal-pushers". how cute is that? coz ya know- it's a girl's style pants (petals), and it has to do w/ pushing pedals. it's not already taken, is it? i gotta place a copyright on that before it's stolen.
...til summer.

Well it turns out that Miss Cassie is going to be called in to work Saturday...so no ride. (I think that leaves me and Alicia.)

We could still do something on the 26th, if ladies are interested, OR work on some after work evening ride this month.

Otherwise it'll be June, when our schoolgirls finally have a break!


Saturday the 19th and Saturday the 26th

Okay, so, I'm out for the 26th due to travel-ness for the 3 way weekend, but it sounds like both rides are still on. Let's make some arrangements for when and where to meet.

Suggestions to start the conversation:

For Saturday the 19th: It's sounds like at least Alissa, Cassie, Patty, and maybe Alicia can join. Anyone else? Aimee?? Alissa's doing something at St. Paul's at 9AM - so I think we need to find out from her what time we can start. The original plan was to ride from the downtown ferry terminal (meeting Alissa there) and going to Golden Gardens, but maybe we should start in Queen Anne if that's where Alissa's going to be anyhow. Thoughts?

For Saturday the 26th: I can't go and I think Alicia mentioned she can't, but it sounds like others are still interested.

Let's nail down some details and I'll post a bulletin on our mySpace page. Patty's already sent me a few people to add to it - yay for recruiting! I'll put these two rides on the calendar as well.

Maybe this is too many topics for one post, but I have a really good photographer friend who would like to take photos of our group sometime (win-win: we get free photos, he uses them for his portfolio). What do you think?

Ya'll are awesome and the weather is beautiful. I'm really excited to get Heftmaschinas going for the summer!! :-)


Finalities! is that an actual word?

So ladies, i asked my b.i.l. if i can borrow his truck to drive my bike to a ride, and he said yes; we're going to measure the compatibility this weekend- last i heard is 19th and 26th- i lean towards the 26th, doing bainbridge or poulsbo- if someone does the plans, i'll plan to be there! im just over run by homework now, i can't handle making anymore plans myself!

Spring Rides!

Hey ladies! Please let us know if you could make the following dates working:

Saturday, May 19th: Heftmaschina Seattle ride from the downtown ferry terminal to Golden Gardens.

Saturday, May 26th: Heftmaschina Bainbridge Island ride, meeting at the ferry and heading over to BBI.

What say ye, ladies?

Also... Alissa and I were thinking we needed a mySpace presence; here's our new mySpace profile. Please friend it if you haven't already. :-) And if you want to mess with the profile - let me know - I'm happy to share the password with Heftmaschikas.

Much love! ♥


spring is for scooter-peding!!

Ladies. The weather is getting better and better. It's time to ramp up and get ready for a summer of riding together!! Heftmaschina didn't really get to explore its full potential because of our late start last season, but now is our chance.

Now, we have some challenges, in that two members are not currently living in Seattle. I'm in Poulsbo right now, but will be back in the city in June or July. Patty is in Tacoma, but I think she can finagle a truck to bring her 'ped up for a ride or two, right Patty??

However, I'd like to propose that our first ride of spring take place on the peninsula because it's really quite pretty out there, and it's not too expensive to take your rides on the ferry. The way I see it we've got two options:

1. Bainbridge ride: We can meet up on Bainbridge island, Patty and I can meet the rest of you at the ferry. I could plan out a day of riding the backroads and we could end either in downtown BB for drinks or park the bikes and take a car to our place in Poulsbo for afternoon drinks/lunch picnic style.

2. Poulsbo ride: I have access to a couple trucks for transport purposes - Andrew and I could meet you guys at the ferry with them, load up the hogs and drive to our place. Once in Poulsbo we can ride around Liberty Bay and maybe over to Kingston and Suquamish, end either back at my place or in downtown Poulsbo for either fine dining or margaritas.

3. Combo ride: This one is tricky because it will require at least a short amount of time on the highway. It's also potentially the most fun. Highway 305 runs straight from the ferry to Poulsbo, but the speed limit is 50mph, too fast for us. Slower vehicles are allowed to ride on the shoulder during daylight hours, however. I haven't tried it, but I think it would work, and with a pack of us be less risky. Patty and I could meet you at the ferry, we could take a lesuirely and back-roadsy route through most of the island. We'd need to be on the highway for just a little more than a mile, to get off the island and across the Agate Pass Bridge. Then we could hit up backroads again and end up at our place for lunch, ride into downtown for ice cream or other treats and then either ride back or use the trucks for transport back to the ferry. It's about a ten mile straight shot from the ferry to our door, so taking back roads would be a little longer - maybe a 12 - 14 mile ride one way.

I'm thinking we could pick a weekend in May? Even early June, depending on schedules for you school people.



Moped and/or scooter Tacoma residents, male or female, preferrably female, but a 20-something male isn't so bad either. :D
Interested in casual rides in downtown, stadium, wright park, and 6th Ave. districts for upcoming happy spring weather. Possible induction into the famed and infamous Heftmaschina riding group if super cool.
Ok, ladies, spread the word.
ps. i miss the hefta's. <3